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Welsh Slate


Time and time again we are finding that Spanish slate roofs are failing due to the poor quality of the slate. Recently the supreme court of NSW had to endure the removal of all the Spanish slate that was installed to the vast number of roofs in the 1970s. Every roof that had Spanish slate installed had failed miserably and were replaced with.
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Get stylish with New England Slate

With A selection of colours, widths, thicknesses and patterns, New England Slate offers a truly dazzling array of design features to ensure your home or business stands out from the crowd. You can choose from a variety of designs – both traditional and modern – which allows you to stamp your unique style on any roof tiling project. Here are a few ideas: Single size – where all the slate has the same length and width Single size, random.
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Penrhyn Slate – when you want the very best

If you need a slate that is extremely durable, can withstand temperature extremes and is highly resistant to all sorts of chemicals, then our Welsh Penrhyn Slate is perfect for the job. Penryhn Slate is considered to be one of the World’s finest roofing slates due to a number of impressive attributes.
    • It holds its colour – even is harsh light and wet climates
    • It is long-lasting and will easily give you 100+ years of service
    • It is hardy.
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