why use slate

Slate is a natural metamorphic stone formed hundreds of millions of years ago when very fine clay silts were deposited at the bottom of rivers, lakes and seas that has been compressed and heated over millions of years. Our slate roof tiles are imported from reputable quarries in North Wales, Canada and the USA, all which have a reputation for offering the best roofing slate available


Slate roof tiles are a natural, durable and versatile material which unlike other modern roofing materials will withstand the most severe weather conditions and extremes in temperature, making them a great roofing product for Australia’s harsh climate. Genuine, high quality slate is recognised as one of the finest roofing materials available and is highly sought after, particularly for heritage projects

Good quality slate roof tiles if installed correctly will last the lifetime of any building, making them very cost effective. Historical buildings including most churches, schools, university building and museums have beautiful slate tile roofs.

Slate Roof Tiles

We stock only the best quality, genuine slate roof tiles and are Sydney’s largest stockist of Welsh slate. Take a look at our slate roofing products.

Choose genuine, durable slate roof tiles from the experts at Slate NSW.