vermont slate

Vermont Slate Roof Tile

Slate has been produced at the Vermont quarry in the United States since 1839. Vermont slate is well regarded due to being extremely durable to extreme weather conditions and impermeable to water. Vermont slate roofs are beautiful, low maintenance and extremely long lasting.


We are Sydney’s largest supplier of slate roofing tiles. We stock the following Vermont slate roofs:

  • Colours in stock: unfading green, semi weathering grey/green
  • Grade: capital
  • Sizes available: 500 x 300mm / 500 x 250mm

Reasons for using Vermont slate roofs:

  1. Tried and tested – quarry open in 1839
  2. No iron pyrites
  3. Durable and impermeable to moisture
  4. Cost effective slate roofing option
  5. Quarry guarantee

We have access to a large range of roofing materials and accessories to complete your slate roof.

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We stock the best quality genuine slate from reputable quarries in America, Canada and North Wales. Check out our different slate roofing products.