Get stylish with New England Slate

With A selection of colours, widths, thicknesses and patterns, New England Slate offers a truly dazzling array of design features to ensure your home or business stands out from the crowd.

You can choose from a variety of designs – both traditional and modern – which allows you to stamp your unique style on any roof tiling project.

Here are a few ideas:

Single size – where all the slate has the same length and width

Single size, random width – as the name implies

Graduated length and thickness – a traditional style where the length of the slate decreases as you go up the roof, or thicker slates at the bottom gradually get thinner as you go up the roof.

Hang downs – This creates a textures, irregular look by putting a number of longer slates among the regular tiles.

Colours – New England slate comes in a variety of colours that can be blended – either irregularly or in a pattern – it’s all left to your imagination.

Patterns – New England tiles allow you to create a unique look by offsetting different colours to form, for example, a name or a date.

Totally random – well, totally random.

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