consultancy services

Heritage roofing is very unique and rich in history, with ancient techniques used in the modern era. Having worked alongside some of the best architects in Australia, and with more than 20 years experience in the slate roofing industry, we can offer our in depth knowledge on what is the best option for your heritage roof project.

We are happy to consult with architects, designers, builders and home owners to give your roofing project the best result.

Some typical questions that need to be considered for your heritage roofing project:

  • What is the original roofing material?
  • What is the expected life span required?
  • Can the existing roofing material be reused?
  • Is the roof construction suitable for the new roofing material?
  • What ventilation is available/required?
  • What thermal movement considerations are needed?


We stock genuine slate from reliable quarries in North Wales, America and Canada. Natural slate tiles are the best choice for heritage roofing projects and will last a lifetime. Explore our range of slate roofing products.

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