slate installers

Not only is choosing the right roofing material very important for your roofing project, but for the best results it’s crucial to ensure you hire a professional, trustworthy and capable contractor for your roof installation. Slate roof installation is a specialist job that requires specific expertise and tools, so not all roofing contractors will have the necessary experience to undertake this type of work.

A few questions you should ask before selecting a slate roof installer:

  • Are they a licensed slate roof installer?
  • What previous experience do they have with slate roof installation?
  • Can they supply previous job addresses and references for you to contact independently?
  • If you chose a roofing company, will the person installing your slate roof be an employee or a sub-contractor? (Using sub-contractors can lead to issues down the line if the job is not completed to your satisfaction).

If in doubt we are happy to advise you regarding your slate roof installation for your peace of mind.

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